The Project Plan

The students were working in groups to create a project plan to help them design a map of the Community Garden Plots. They went out to the garden plots to document their thinking and inquiry. 

They discussed their ideas, deciding how they want to work as a group to create the map. Some initial wonderings:

  • What will we include?
  • How will we measure around the pots?
  • When were the garden plots created?
  • How will we measure the plots inside the greenhouse?
  • What should we include in a map key?
  • What might the scale be?
  • How long is the whole community garden plot area?
  • How is the recycle bin used?

We used flags to demarcate the different areas each group will measure. 

The teams decided on the different materials and tools they will need to complete this task. 

The Project Plans 

Through this project the students have opportunities to develop a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts. They will explore how:

  • objects and events have attributes that can be measured using appropriate tools
  • estimation allows us to predict and check our measurements

  • position can be represented by coordinates on a grid

Approaches to Learning:

Communication Skills/ Research Skills:

  • Ask relevant questions that can be researched
  • Make a plan for finding information
  • Gather information
  • Use senses to find and notice details
  • Record observations by drawing, note taking, charting, tallying, writing
  • Sort and categorize information
  • Present information in different ways

Social/ Self-management Skills:

  • Plan tasks and set goals
  • Use time effectively
  • Be organized
  • Cooperate

Thinking Skills:

  • Observe carefully in order to recognize problems
  • Make “thinking visible”
  • Make connections
  • Reflect on learning by asking questions

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